Data Refresh & Changes in World Composition belonging

World Composition belonging : Now by raytrace, a road/cross is part of the level of the landscape under it.

If not landscape under, a road/cross is part of persistent level. Avoid a lot of errors that can be made on level manipulation. But be carefull at what you do with world composition, it no longer cause issue with the plugin (roads/crossings disappearances), but can cause issue with networking and other things.

Refresh beetween Configuration and RoadNetwork in world :


Add refresh buttons for roads and crossings to rebuild by actual data in configuration.


Refresh buttons will only refresh loaded roads and crosses, to avoid overloading splines construction. But you can load everything and refresh as you wish.



Updates for Default Config users

Don’t override your DefaultConfig.uasset, especially if you’ve made changes above, download only Update Only zip file to override only sources and binaries.

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