Road Editor release

The Road Editor Plugin for UE4 is now available. From November until now we start and finish the first release of a tool which seemed essential to the developers community of Epic Games game engine.

We clearly expect it will fulfill the contract, and see big open games with a beautiful road network, often very tedious aspect of level design, not just in Unreal Engine.

System Requirement

This system requirement is for Unreal Engine Marketplace submission.

  • Intended Development Platform : Desktop (Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • Intended Platform : All
  • Tested Platform : Windows 7 64 Bits, Windows 10 64 Bits
  • Working version of Unreal engine : 4.10, 4.11

Installation Guide

Like all plugins, you need to put the folder of the plugin (RoadEditor) inside the plugins folder of your game (YourGameProject > Plugins). Then just start your project, it must enable by adding you a tab in your editor tab. If not, just enable the plugin in Edit > Plugins > Project > Editor.

User Guide

Fallowing control in RoadEditor Mode

  • Shift + Left Click = Create a road. You can choose the type of created road in the fallowing picture.


  • Ctrl + Left Click
    • On Landscape = Add a spline point. If no road is selected, it will create a road like Shift + Left Click
    • On an other road = Auto Crossover. If no cross is define for that type of configuration, nothing will happen.
    • On a cross = Auto Crossover. Same condition as before.


  • C = Cut Road. If a road is selected.
  • T = Snap road on terrain. It will disable temporarily auto digging and snap spline points (or cross point) on terrain.
  • Ctrl + C = Copy Spline. If a road is selected.
  • Ctrl + V = Paste Spline. If something has been copy, paste a spline on the mouse location.
  • Ctrl + A = Select all. If segment selected, select all road segments. If point selected, select all road points.

Widget Control :

  • Transform = Move current selection
  • Scale
    • X drag = Tangent strength
    • Y drag = Falloff strength for auto digging
    • Z drag = Nothing
  • Rotation
    • Road selected = Turn the tangent direction
    • Cross selected = Define cross rotation

Road Network Configuration Editor

The Road Network configuration is based on the material editor of Unreal Engine.


4 nodes can be add to the graph :

  • Basics
    • Road
    • Cross
  • Objects
    • Actor
    • StaticMesh


Roads and crosses support sockets input :

  • Cross can have both road socket and object socket.
  • Road can have object socket

For each socket you have the following attributes :

  • name, to improve prototype for your custom road network object.
  • socket type, object or road.
  • relative location
  • relative direction
  • enable, if you want the object to spawn by default when the road or cross that own the current socket spawns in world
  • normalized, relative to the direction of the road or crossing.

Only for road sockets :

  • shift, spawn start, relative to the spline
  • spacing, spawn frenquency, relative to each spline mesh component.


All these configurations can be edited in RoadEditor mode

Point Instance Properties :

  • Point Location (World location)
  • Point Rotation (Tangent direction)
  • Width Falloff
  • Tangent Strength
  • Auto Digging


Segment Instance Properties :

  • Auto Digging
  • Objects
    • Enable
    • Shift
    • Spacing
    • Normalize


Cross Instance Properties :

  • Properties
    • Cross Location
    • Cross Rotation
    • Auto Digging
    • Continuity Setup (define the digging continuity beetween 2 sockets for better digging result)
      • Socket 1
      • Socket 2
      • Is Activated
  • Cross
    • List of cross compatible to downgrade or upgrade the cross
  • Objects
    • Enable
    • Normalize


Technical Details

  • Roads :
    • Road two way (5 LODs)
    • Road two way with sidewalk (5 LODs)
    • Road one way (5 LODs)
    • Railway (5 LODs)
  • Crosses :
    • T Cross – 3 Roads two way output (5 LODs)
    • T Cross Sidewalk – 3 Roads two way Sidewalk output (5 LODs)
    • X Cross – 4 Roads two way output (5 LODs)
    • X Cross Sidewalk – 4 Roads two way Sidewalk output (5 LODs)
    • T Cross – 2 Roads two way, 1 Road one way output (5 LODs)
    • X Cross – 2 Roads two way, 2 Roads one way output (5 LODs)
    • Transition – 1 Road two way, 1 Road two way output (5 LODs)
    • Round Cross Five – 5 Roads two way output (5 LODs)
    • Round Cross Six – 6 Roads two way output (5 LODs)
    • Railroad Cross – 2 Roads two way, 2 Railways output (4 LODs)
  • Side Objects :
    • Land full roundabout (5 LODs)
    • Stop circulation sign (5 LODs)
    • Railroad Cross sign (5 LODs)
    • Light floor (5 LODs)
    • Light actor based on light floor
    • Line decal based on line texture
  • 1 Road network configuration that use all default content.
  • All fully textured except extrudes (for your custom landscape ground texture)

For any issue or request, go to this address : thread forum

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