Updated to 4.26

Updated Road editor to 4.26 4.25 will be available until the next release. 4.25 does not contain any update in this article Road Editor is now compliant with Landscape Layer System, both for Height and Texture Data. Initialize your road (with or without a mesh) with a Paint Layer Name. If the layer exists in […]

Update to 4.16

UPDATE TO 4.16 Road editor has been updated to 4.16. This is accompanied by a curbs update, we are now allowed to integrate curbs with roads, which makes it possible to have rail guard or sidewalks at side of the road, enable or disable. We also include a start and end transition mesh for curbs. […]

Road Editor release

The Road Editor Plugin for UE4 is now available. From November until now we start and finish the first release of a tool which seemed essential to the developers community of Epic Games game engine. We clearly expect it will fulfill the contract, and see big open games with a beautiful road network, often very tedious aspect of level […]